Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Life :3

Hello friends who are still reading my blog !
I sincerely THANK YOU ! :D

Well as you can read, my title is about my life.
So let's talk about my life, shall we? :P

My Life, hmmm..
Im now a Form 6 student, waiting for my Semester 1 STPM exam to arrive @@
And also my Taekwondo training is back , FINALLY ! 
Im jobless, and money-less . HAHA !

Well let me show you some photos of my life since my latest blog post, shall I?

Well first, my ex-job, as a teacher teaching kids of Kindy to Form 1 :3

Teaching these kids are fun !
But they really get on your nerves ! HAHA !
And some of them are sweet ~ 

I remember that there was a week or so when our boss went out station,
I was ordered to be in charge of the upper primary kids, 
While my friend took care of the lower primary ones .
My students are from Primary 2 to Form 1 @@

Gosh , that's really scary !
But my students are really sweet !
Especially the boys who look macho and gangster-ish.
They're the sweetest boy that I've ever met !

They helped me memorize seating plans when I arrange 'em before class and guide those students to their seats .
They helped me open and shut the door when necessary !
They helped me look after those younger than them !
How sweet they are !

And there's one boy , whose the sweetest among them all !
He stayed back and accompany me and my friend when we end the class.
He obeyed every single word we say .
He's really cute !

I remember there's once after I resigned, I went back for my salary.
The kids saw me and were really happy and thrilled !
When my boss came in, the students peeked on me at the door.
They even said ," Teacher, come in and teach us ! It's two already!"
My boss then asked whom do they want to teach them.
Surprisingly, they said Teacher Pollen !
I was soooo touched !

I will never forget about them :)
They're the best !

HAHA ! Good old days eh ! I quit my job when I started Form 6 :)
Which means activities and most importantly...
Oh Yeahhhhh !! \m/

See I even met a few new friends and old friends, joined a club.
I also participated in Sports Day and also Taekwondo Championship.
I even say goodbye to one of my new friend, Max.
*Buh-Bye Max ! *

I met tons of new friends !
Not only for lower 6 but also the other forms too !
Surprise eh? :P

I met my old classmate back in my primary days , hehe :)
She's still the same her, just that she's ladylike and gentle !
Still the cute Min Chee that I know !

And met Puak Han, my brother-liked friend !
He gives me good advice when I faced troubles or obstacles in life .
A really big thanks to him ! :)
Good luck in your STPM in all sems ya !

Not to forget , my old opponent during my first year in Taekwondo, Prechilla Ng !
And she turns out to be one of my besties too !
HAHA ! And we even formed a sparring team this year and won !
I thought she was only Form 4 but it turns out that she's having her SPM this year already !
Let's wish her good luck in her SPM too shall we ?

There are tons of friends and acquaintances that I've known since I entered Form 6.
A big thanks for you guys in my life.
If it isn't for you guys, my life wouldn't be that complete :)

Well, not only for my new friends, but my old friends too !

Candice, Ah Joo, Yen Fei, Vero and etc all those old close friends still remained as close friends ! XD
Well there aren't pictures of me and Fei though :/

Let me show u more pics :3

Regarding the ghost festival, we girls too decided to follow the trend ! HAHA !
Well Ah Joo and Fei Fei said they had an image to be kept so they didn't jump in the band wagon . HAHA ! Really funny we actually posted this in our group chat at about 12am !

A day at Candice's house !
Just hanging out together and you know, these things happened -- CAMWHORING !

This was all taken at Ah Joo's house when I was teaching her English :)
We decided to learn all those girl poses and put 'em all together !
Cool eh? My piece of art ! :P

My and Vero :)
Pictures were taken at dinner, Sports Day and also the telematch !
Really fun and thanks to her !
If it weren't for her, my Form 6 life would be really dull and lonely !
Thanks babe ! :3

But hey !
Let me show you something ! :P

This guy here, he's Wen Cherng :)
One of my new friends too !
If it weren't for me, they wouldn't be in a relationship . HAHA!
And I'm their very own looovveeeee doctorrrrr xD

Well there were activities going on too !
For example, our beloved Candice's 18th birthday !

We were all chilling at Secret Garden :)
Me, Vero, Sha, Dice, Calvin, Elizabeth, Joseph and his cousin .
I didn't took pictures of Joseph and his cousin though cause they were eating at another table .

I joined various marathons too !

The Monster Dash and also The Happy Rice Charity Run :)
With sisters, sister's colleagues, my mom, and cousins !
Real fun and I really enjoyed it !

This is what my life was about since my latest post.
I hope you still enjoy my blog and also continue reading it .
I promise you more interesting posts in the future.
Love y'all :3

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